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  • “You Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!”

    Executive: I’ll be at an offsite meeting with the head of Human Resources and Accounting for the next couple days to go over our staffing strategy for the next year. Can you get the personnel information for everyone in the department, compensation plans, and the performance reviews from the past year and put them into Dropbox for me?  Read More

  • VMware vSphere ESXi Host Web Client

    Not everyone is a fan of the current VMware vSphere Web Client provided with vCenter Server, but, one thing is for sure, it’s here to stay. I was not always a fan of the vSphere Web Client, but as improvements were made and my exposure grew, I have become quite fond of it (less reliance on Microsoft Windows? No complaints here).  Read More

  • Is 802.11ac Wave 2 the Real Deal?

    As the demand for corporate traffic is ever-growing, the demand for infrastructure is growing with it. So, the question remains, why haven’t you upgraded to 802.11ac Wave 2 yet? Well, more than likely, it’s because you are hesitant, just upgraded, or feel your Wi-Fi is running fine. Whatever the reason, it’s probably time to at least think about utilizing Wave 2.  Read More

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