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  • Speeds of the Data Center: What's Out There and What's Coming

    The term “data center” is something many people are familiar with. Data centers by nature tend to be hungry for bandwidth and are demanding more throughput than ever before. It wasn't long ago that the vast majority of network engineers couldn't even imagine filling a 10 GbE link. The tables have indeed turned with the introduction of cloud computing and virtualization, and bandwidth has seen the demand increased tenfold. Read More

  • Fixing the Weak Link: The Human Element in Network Security

    We’ve all heard the age-old adage, “you’re only as strong as your weakest link.” Although the phrase originated in organized team sports, we use it in business as well. An Enterprise will experience success or failure based on the sum of the whole and, if a certain team or team member isn’t pulling his / her weight, failure is imminent. This statement also applies to network security. Read More

  • What We Can Learn from Japanese Efficiency in IT

    I personally don’t use Twitter very much, but yesterday I was tempted to create a “hashtag” topic to see if it would gain traction and begin trending. What was that topic? #spoiledbyjapan. I’ve recently returned from a short trip to Nagoya for my brother’s wedding, and I’m still aglow from the experience. This was my first trip to Japan, and I’m already hoping I will have another opportunity to return. I think the best single word I can come up with is “satisfying.”  Read More

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